CASE STUDY - Rushton News and Bakery

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Rushtons in Harwood Newsagents and Café faced competition from the local supermarket and so they decided to introduce a food service to their business, Carrs Pasties was their first choice.

  • Business partner for 20 years
  • Orders have doubled
  • Food business as well as newsagents
  • Customers always get a fresh product


Rushtons Harwood has been in business for 50 years, it was owned by Mr and Mrs Rushton before John and Kim bought it in 1998. Mr and Mrs Rushton already used Carrs Pasties so the partnership was continued when John and Kim took over. Originally, Rushtons Harwood was just a shop with a small bakery area.


John and Kim developed the shop when they bought it because even with a small bakery, a newsagent isn’t sustainable on its own anymore so John and Kim have made it in to a food business. One of the challenges that Rushtons Harwood faced was the competition from the local supermarket, Kim said: “People shop in a convenient manner and we had to find a niche, but we’ve diversified now.”


Speaking of supplying Carrs Pasties, Kim said: “It’s a well-known Bolton product. Customers come here because we use the best quality products. We’ve identified a product that our customers want using the suppliers that we like to use.” The Café is a new addition, it seemed the right time to introduce it in March this year. Kim and John buy frozen unbaked products so that the customer always gets a fresh product. The number of pasties that Rushtons Harwood sold in the beginning has more than doubled since Kim and John have developed the shop into a food business and introduced Carrs Pasties point of sale. Talking about the relationship between Rushtons Harwood and Carrs Pasties, Kim said: “It’s been a pleasure, Carrs Pasties have bent over backwards for us.” Perfect for any occasion

“Rushtons and Carrs Pasties have worked together brilliantly over the years. It’s a well-known Bolton product and it’s been a pleasure working with such a helpful and professional brand.”

John & Kim, Owners at Rushtons News and Bakery in Harwood

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