CASE STUDY - Spar Store, Walkden

Retail Partners

This busy community store needed to complete its large food to-go-offering and wanted to provide customers with food that was hot, fresh and ready to eat.

  • Footfall driver
  • Ready to eat food
  • Customers visit to buy Carrs Pasties
  • Fresh pasties available from 7am


Mark has been an independent retailer for 38 years, he has eight Spar shops and is looking to install hot-to-go offerings in all of them. He decided that hot food-to-go was the way forward and wanted to provide his customers with food that’s ready to eat, other than cold sandwiches. Mark has grown up with Carrs Pasties and said: “It’s the best local business around.”


The main challenge that Mark faced when introducing pasties and a hot food-to-go offering was the storage space. Mark needed to get a hot food-to-go counter to store the fresh products but then also found that customers were not happy when we had run out of pasties as they had travelled to the shop specifically to get them and so they needed to invest in a bigger freezer that could hold more stock. He said: “We can do 700 – 800 pasties in a week which is a lot of boxes, so we need a lot of space. Once we got the infrastructure right it was fine.”


Mark has always baked off the pasties, he has big freezers to hold the stock and then ovens to bake them off as and when they are needed. Customers visit the shop to buy pasties from 7am, Mark said: “Having Carrs Pasties is definitely a footfall driver, it makes us a destination store. Having the bags and the logo displayed makes a huge difference.” Speaking about being a Carrs Pasties business partner, Mark said: “It’s seamless. We’ve never been let down by a delivery, we’ve never had any complaints and the service we receive is excellent.”

“Having Carrs Pasties is definitely a footfall driver, it makes us a destination store. We can do 700-800 pasties a week. Having the bags and logo displayed makes a huge difference.”

Mark, SPAR Stores, Walkden

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