Independent Retail Stores

The retail hot food-to-go market is incredibly competitive. It’s hard to find time to provide quality that stands out from the crowd.

Choosing Carrs Pasties as your partner gives you the advantage of offering the best quality in your area.

Join the Carrs Family – quality baking, simplified.

  • Convenience stores
  • Petrol forecourts
  • Sandwich shops
  • Cafes & delis

Costcutter Farnworth

“It’s a big brand in Bolton, with a great service and a really good product…In a nutshell, you don’t have to worry about a Carrs Pasties product, because you know that if you take care of it, it will sell.”

Baz Jethwa, Owner of Costcutter Farnworth

Spar Walkden

"Having Carrs Pasties is definitely a footfall driver, it makes us a destination store. We can do 700-800 pasties a week. Having the bags and logo displayed makes a huge difference."

Mark, SPAR Stores, Walkden

Serco Staff Restaurant

“We buy in bulk and then we can make our order based on the number of people working. It allows us to cater our order to our needs each week. It’s always enjoyable, regardless of who picks the phone up, who takes the order or who delivers.”

Amanda Gilbert, Catering Supervisor, Serco Staff Restaurant

Ye Olde Man and Scythe

“It’s working really well, we’ve had positive reactions and Carrs Pasties are always reliable. People want to eat them at all times throughout the day.”

John, the Manager, Ye Olde Man and Scythe

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Why independent retailers chose Carrs Pasties:

Increase sales per customer and keep them coming back. Hot food-to-go that stands out from the competition – quality baking, simplified

  • Win new customers
  • Increase customer retention
  • Gives the ability to upsell
  • Complements the rest of your offering

  • Full turnkey service from training to digital marketing support in your area
  • Unbaked frozen packs of 4 – a quality “take home for tea” option
  • A partner than can be trusted

Slide 1

The Carrs Pasties range - the perfect food-to-go solution.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available.

Carrs Pasties are perfect as a hot food-to-go snack but can also be sold as frozen packs for customers to take home for tea.

Easily serve Carrs Pasties from a heated display,

Original and Steak

The Carrs Pasties range is the perfect complement to your drinks menu

The original Carrs meat & potato pasty

The original Carrs pasty. Made from the finest beef and the best potatoes, our meat and potato pasty is loved in Bolton.

Carrs steak pasty

The steak pasty is a blend of succulent shredded beef, pepper and flavoursome gravy, wrapped in a light but crisp puff pastry.


The Carrs Pasties range is the perfect complement to your drinks menu

Vegetarian Pasties

Cheese & Potato and Cheese & Jalapeño Pasties - made with Ribble Farm Mature Cheddar Cheese and a light and crisp puff pastry.

Vegan Range

Our Vegan Pasty tastes just like the Meat & Potato Pasty. Our sausage rolls also taste just like the real thing.

Mushy Peas and Whist Pies

The Carrs Pasties range is the perfect complement to your menu

Mushy Peas

Our mushy peas are easy to cook and are the perfect addition to any of our pasties.

Whist Pies

The perfect finger food, our pork Whist Pies are much like Scotch Pies - they are quick to serve, great for sharing and very more-ish with a pint!

Supporting you

We have a wealth of experience working with pubs like yours and full training and support is provided.
We can provide you with low running cost heated displays, economical ovens and freezers.